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How to Issue Bulk Refunds through the Stripe API

Today was not a good day. In short, a nonprofit’s online donation form was hit 1,285 times in an attempt to validate stolen credit cards. Unfortunately, 120 of those succeeded, meaning our Stripe account had over $600 in fraudulent donations. …

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The Responsible Consultant: What project information should my software/web developer provide?

Getting right to the point, many (possibly even most) software/web developers will simply hand you the deliverable upon project completion and call it a day. The tools and processes used are often held back, forcing you to always go through …

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3River Development, LLC consists of a single technologist and software engineer with a big passion for his work. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working with clients world-wide on a large variety of projects. However, I recently came to realize that my true vocation is focused on consulting with nonprofit organizations. It's important to note that a vocation is not the same as a job. Timothy Keller describes this well in his book Every Good Endeavor:

The Latin word vocare -- to call -- is at the root of our common word "vocation." Today the word often means simply a job, but that was not the original sense. A job is a vocation only if someone else calls you to do it and you do it for them rather than for yourself. And so our work can be a calling only if it is reimagined as a mission of service to something beyond merely our own interests.

My business, services, and passions revolve around the vocation concept. What I do allows me to help make nonprofits successful. Witnessing multiple organizations successfully execute their missions and make big differences regionally/globally has been some of the most rewarding experiences in my career.

I'd love to learn more about your organization, its mission, and its technology needs. Please feel free to contact me!

Thanks, and God Bless!