Apache Camel: Tips & Caveats (from the trenches)

While working with a new client on some Camel-based microservices, I’ve been trying my best to keep a list of caveats and potential issues that occasionally pop up. Camel’s integration patterns and components are extremely powerful and include many bells and whistles. But unfortunately, that flexibility can also get in the way…

Without further ado, here’s the running list.  I’ll come back and update these, periodically!

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Apache Camel Processors Should NEVER Be Stateful

If you have experience with Apache Camel, this one might sound a little obvious.  But, it has recently come up a few times, so it’s worth mentioning. As an example, say you have a route that iterates over paged data and does something with it, and you therefore need to keep track of the pagination. You might use something like the following:

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