CoWork Fort Wayne

In yesterday’s The Pros and Cons of Working From Home, I mentioned learning that most of my “cons” were mitigated by a co-working office concept.  Recently, I’ve been hard-at-work opening a new co-working space in downtown Fort Wayne, along side several others.  I’m thrilled that CoWork Fort Wayne is now open!  We’re trying to focus on creating a quiet work space for developers, creatives, and other from-home employees that benefit from an open office, in addition to providing networking and relevant events.  It’s a big space on the 5th floor of the Murphy Building, in the center of downtown (across the street from Dash-In).  “Core” members get 24/7 access, keys, work area, and the ability to leave gear.  We’re also creating a “drop-in” concept for non-regulars with a low daily rate.  This is definitely not a means to profit, etc. — the goal is to break even and maintain sustainability.

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A big thank you goes out to Dave Sanders and Chad Clabaugh for the initial idea and hard-work making it a reality!