Hibernate ORM Presentations at DevNexus 2014

Frankly, Hibernate ORM has been missing from the conference scene for quite a while.  Starting this year, I’m attempting to make it more of a priority.  The framework has received many improvements and new features that are well-worth presenting.

I’ll be starting with two talks at DevNexus 2014 in Atlanta.  One focuses on Hibernate ORM tips, tricks, performance improvements, and common myths/misconceptions.  The other presents several powerful features provided by Hibernate, outside of the typical ORM/JPA space.  The abstracts are below.  I’d love feedback and requests!

Hibernate ORM Tips, Tricks, and Performance Techniques

Out-of-the-box, Hibernate ORM offers limited overhead and decent throughput.  Early-stage applications enjoy the convenience of ORM/JPA with great performance.  However, scaling your application into an enterprise-level system introduces more demanding needs.

This talk will describe numerous tips and techniques to both increase Hibernate ORM performance, as well as decrease overhead.  These include some basic tricks, such as mapping and fetching strategies.  Entity enhancement instrumentation, third-party second level caching, Hibernate Search, and more complex considerations will also be discussed.  The talk will include live demonstrations techniques and their before-and-after results.

Not Just ORM: Powerful Hibernate ORM Features and Capabilities

Hibernate has always revolved around data, ORM, and JPA.  However, it’s much more than that.  Hibernate has grown into a family of projects and capabilities, extending well beyond the traditional ORM/JPA space.

This talk will present powerful features provided both by Hibernate ORM, as well as third-party extensions.  Some capabilities are brand new, while others are older-but-improved.  Topics include multiple-tenancy, geographic data, auditing/versioning, sharding, OSGi, and integration with additional Hibernate projects.  The talk will include live demonstrations.

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