Online Donations for Churches and Nonprofits | Donation Spring

For years, 3RiverDev has been blessed with many opportunities to serve organizations and churches.

One gap we repeatedly run into is a simple and low-cost way to collect and manage online donations. Most options are expensive and require donors to visit an entirely different website.  The alternative — the generic “Donate Now” button — is certainly easy to deploy, but can’t present donors with a variety of important options and the story behind an individual project or campaign.

Many organizations do not have the resources to build custom donation platforms from scratch. Your mission deserves more. We set out to change that.

Donation Spring is a powerful, low-cost donation platform that’s easily installed directly on your church or nonprofit’s own website. We do things very differently compared to alternatives and offer several unique capabilities.

We’d love to support your mission!

Historical Marker Project

History happens everywhere. At the Historical Marker Project you can discover historical markers near you, wherever you are.

We started the Historical Marker Project to give you a place to discover history and to show you exactly where the history happened. A historical marker provides folks with a brief explanation of a notable event that occurred in the past. You have more than likely seen many historical markers on your travels across the country.

You can easily search for historical markers that are located near you, or near where you might be traveling. Each marker has GPS coordinates that will help you find the marker.

We have thousands of historical markers listed on this website, but we don’t have all of them! When you see a historical marker that isn’t listed here, please share it with us. Creating an account is simple and FREE, and only takes a few minutes. When you become a member, you’ll be able to add historical markers, post comments, save favorites, check in, and more.